EPOS Systems
iVend POS Enhances In-store Shopping Experience

Integrates to a powerful & fully-integrated iVend retail management system. Available on terminal / mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, e-commerce, loyalty-ready abilities makes retailers engage with shoppers to a new level.

The latest inventory management tool in retail

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a revolutionary inventory management system that is set to change how retailers manage stock.

SAP Business One
Drive efficiency and growth with SAP Business One ERP software for SMEs

SAP Business One ERP software is built to help you streamline your business processes, so you’re in a better position to improve operations, drive growth, and boost profitability.

Enterprise – Class Solution

Enterprise class application that is stable, scalable, intuitive, integrated & secure

Enhanced Shopper Experience

Reinvent to Attract, Engage and Convert customers with enhanced and personalized shopping experience

Multichannel Retailing

Integrate all retail touch points and extend a consistent, integrated shopping experience

iVend Omnichannel Solutions


TRC offer a unique, innovative and creative approach that allows businesses to recognise areas for improvement that they may not have previously considered. We encourage our customers to think strategically and capitalise on areas for growth. We partner with them to deliver a solution that is invested in the future, bringing immediate business benefits and facilitating future expansion.
TRC_2TRC Solutions provide best of breed IT solutions to the SME and Retail sectors. TRC are certified SAP partners implementing and supporting SAP Business One; an affordable, integrated and scalable business processing and financial and customer management system for small and medium sized businesses. TRC provide a complete Omni Channel Retailing Solution including EPOS, eCommerce, mCommerce, CRM and Analytics.
smeOur team of Business Consultants are highly trained in Design Thinking – a specially crafted methodology delivered through individualised, tailored workshops. The output is a thorough, company-wide diagnostic, which enables businesses to unlock the growth potential within their enterprise.
team-memb4 We have been providing Helpdesk and On Site Support to hundreds of organisations since 1991. Our team of technicians are highly skilled and dedicated professionals who will have you up and running in no time. Our goal is to work with our customers to ensure we provide the Customer Support Services that they need in order to maximise the investment in the technology into the future. .


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loved by hundreds of retailers and SMEs!

"The iVend solution that TRC recommended has delivered on all it promised and more. We struggled operating our business efficiently with the rigid, static solutions we had. With the iVend POS and eCommerce solution and the constant updates that are rolled out we now have a modern and dynamic solution that can grow with our business allowing us to be more progressive and forward thinking." -    Olan O’Brien, All City Records
"We wanted to work with a company who had wide experience with a system that would allow multi-site and focus on the challenges that shoe retailing gives, as there are so many parameters. TRC met that criteria and more. We are very happy with the solution they provided across our 14 branches in the UK." -    Johnsons Shoes – UK
“The solution provided by TRC is key to AOC expansion plans across the UAE and African region. We needed one robust solution that could work on offline mode for remote areas in Angola with low internet reach while we could profit from the robustness of SAP Business One solution on the HQ. With this mix solution we benefit from the complexity of SAP in the back office and a performant front office layout which minimizes the selling process time and improves our store control of stock, cash and sales data. TRC's deep understanding of the company business logic and processes applied to the SAP Business One + CitiXsys iVend solution made them the best choice for us.” - Sergio Pozuelo – General Manager AOC    AOC
“TRC Support staff were at all times calm, worked efficiently to resolve the issues, and showed a level of customer service that was to the highest standard.” - The Book Centre, Waterford    Bookcentre
"Since we implemented SAP Business One into our business we've seen some real benefits, including improved reporting and much more efficient processing of daily tasks. With the support of TRC we are confident that we can gain even more from SAP Business One. Their deep understanding of the solution and their IT expertise is a powerful combination that we can tap into." - Raymond Glynn, Modern Plant    MOdern PLant
"Since partnering with TRC Solutions our Managed Data Services organisation has enjoyed prompt, professional service on the SAP Business One Platform" - Gary Gallagher, MoneyMate    Money mate
"This solution from TRC gives us total control of our business by having one system control all key processes from ordering product through selling via EPOS and management and reporting of key financial data including profit and loss and balance sheets. " - Michelle Brennan, Financial Controller    BORN
“We chose TRC Solutions based upon their experience in the market place and industry. Also we liked the approach they took, they really listened to us to understand our problems” - Ryan O’Donnell, Operations & HR Manager    Adrian Dunnes Pharmacy Group
“We selected the iVend Omni Channel solution from TRC Solutions. All data is centralised making reporting easy, fast and accurate. I can pull reports in real- time, which gives me a true account of how the business is performing. It also highlights opportunities for growth and for change.” - Michael Murphy, Proprietor, Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure    Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure
“We felt SAP Business One was a system that would enable us to grow and is highly customisable to meet the needs of our customers. We very quickly saw some major benefits including improved reporting functionality and streamlining of processes." - Mark Fitzgerald, Director of Operations and Finance, Typetec    Typetec
“Having worked with TRC for over 5 years, I felt we had built up a good rapport with the company and was therefore keen to upgrade to their Pharmacy Retail Management System. Obviously with an ever expanding venture, it is not possible for me to be in every location at all times to see exactly what is going on. Therefore, I have to have a system that I know I can rely upon to provide me with accurate business information. With this system I know I can trust the information it provides me and can use this data to continue to build and improve our business model.” - Ronan Mulligan, Managing Director    Mulligans Pharmacy
“The information which we receive from the system means that we know exactly what is happening in all of our branches and can therefore plan our merchandising and promotions accordingly. We rely on the TRC system greatly to provide us with the information required to efficiently operate such a large scale business." - Colm Carroll, CEO    Carrolls
“We were very impressed with the simplicity but the effectiveness of TRC’s solution. We can now target our marketing efforts based on customer buying patterns and in doing so reward our customers with discounts and offers. - Robert Barron, Marketing Director    Pamela Scott


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